Our Quality Policy

Our Vision

To realize the services we provide in the field of health in Turkey and worldwide in accordance with the superior quality standards and to transform our clinic, which offers health and aesthetic-oriented expertise, into a reference center by continuously upgrading them.

Our Mission

To combine health and aesthetics in a single complex and to provide the highest quality and most reliable health service to domestic and foreign patients by using the latest technology in our diagnosis and treatment approaches with the best specialist physicians in their fields.

Our Principles

Respect We treat each client with respect, kindness and tolerance, taking into account the possible sensitivities of individuals of various languages, religions, races and genders.

Understanding: We show empathy when interacting individually with patients and their families.

Trust: We prioritize the health of our clients with our trust-oriented approach that we carry out by observing ethical principles.

Excellence: By adopting the highest possible health standards, we deliver essential services with impeccable accuracy.

Innovation: We take our already creative approach to a new level, utilizing the latest technology tools in combination with the unique ideas of our team to ensure the highest satisfaction in the service received.

Our Quality Policy

The first and unchangeable element of our quality policy is the principle of “Patient satisfaction is our priority under all circumstances.” Our main goal is to be a reference center in the international arena in line with the law of essence and accuracy we adopt in diagnosis and treatment services. We take the suggestions from patients and their relatives into consideration and use them as an opportunity for continuous improvement in our clinic. By following the training and development needs of our employees, we care about their individual development by maximizing the loyalty and satisfaction of our team to our clinic. In all our services that we carry out in accordance with the country’s legislation and international standards, we set out with the motto “Aesthetics in Health, Health in Aesthetics” and position our priority to your health.