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A check-up is a general health screening to learn about a person’s health status and to identify possible problems or risk situations.
A general health assessment can be made with check-up packages that include some age- and gender-specific blood tests and imaging examinations to assess whether the patient has any health problems that are not yet symptomatic.

What is a Check Up?

Check-up research is a body scan to determine the possible risks of diseases caused by age, gender, smoking, hormonal periods (such as fertility-menopause), especially in women, and to investigate the risk of familial diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke and cancer.
It is a type of early diagnosis system that allows in-depth scans to be performed in almost every part of the body.

How Often Should I Have a Check Up?

Regular and periodic scans throughout life will provide people with general information about their bodies and health.
Check-ups, which can be performed starting from childhood, can be performed at different intervals depending on age and genetic factors. At this point, the frequency of health checks is determined by the special conditions that people have.

What to Consider When Coming for a Check Up?

Individuals who suspect pregnancy or are going through pregnancy should inform the doctor before the appointment.
Since some tests performed during menstruation may give false results, it is not appropriate to undergo any procedure during this period.
Previous test results, etc. information must be brought with you on the day of the appointment.
You should stop eating at least 12 hours before your check-up.
You should not use vitamins, iron, mineral supplements or herbal supplements, please tell your doctor if you do.
Do not drink alcohol at least three days before your appointment.
Tell your doctor if you are allergic to medicines or foodstuffs.
If you have a family history of diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer or heart attack or sudden death due to heart attack, be sure to tell your doctor.

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