Hair Transplant Techniques

Special Solutions for Your Hair

Elit Clinic is a center that integrates modern technology with new and effective hair transplantation techniques to restore the health of your hair and scalp.

With a wide range of services from hair loss to thinning hair, from regional baldness to ringworm treatment, Elit Klinik offers natural and aesthetic solutions to hair problems that affect your overall image.

Only at Elit Klinik: NEO FUE

This technique, developed exclusively for Elit Klinik in the field of hair transplantation, is used to strengthen hair grafts before hair transplantation treatment.
The NEO FUE technique is performed with a biotin-rich serum applied to the donor area. Thanks to this special sedation, your hair grafts are subjected to a preparation process that aims to revitalize hair follicles and permanence in hair transplantation by receiving the necessary nutritional supplements.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation is a modern hair transplantation technique in which hair follicles are transferred one by one from the donor area to the transplantation area. This method aims to preserve the donor site by manually harvesting the grafts.

At Elit Klinik, where the FUE hair transplantation technique is combined with NEO FUE serum, which offers a high growth rate in hair transplantation, the FUE procedure consists of stages such as loosening the hair follicles, removing them, enriching them in nutrient solution and transplanting them to the recipient area.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplantation is an innovative hair transplantation method in which hair follicles are transferred to the donor area using the CHOI pen.

This technique, which allows direct transplantation of hair follicles, offers an effective solution to combat problems such as hereditary hair loss and receding hairline . Elit Klinik’s experienced DHI team has the expertise necessary to precisely place the grafts and achieve a permanent result.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire hair transplantation method, which is performed using fine sapphire blades, supports natural hair growth thanks to V-shaped channel openings. This method offers a highly effective approach for those who want to achieve fullness in their hair.

Safir Hair Transplantation provides permanent and natural hair transplantation results, especially for people with male pattern hair loss and receding hairline problems. Safir hair transplantation, each stage of which is managed by a specially trained team, has a high success rate in providing aesthetically satisfying results.

SDHI Hair Transplant

SDHI hair transplantation is a technique specially developed for individuals with thick hair. This innovative method, applied by our expert team, combines the advantages of Sapphire and DHI to achieve natural and effective results that are compatible with the front hairline. In particular, the use of Sapphire blades and the integration of the DHI technique make SDHI hair transplantation unique, offering a special solution for those struggling with hereditary hair loss.

Percutaneous Hair Transplant

Percutaneous hair transplantation is a method developed especially for individuals with thin hair and aims to provide a natural appearance in hair transplantation treatment. Percutaneous hair transplantation, which is applied with high precision and a minimally invasive approach, promises effective results in the fight against sparse hair.

Percutaneous hair transplantation is an ideal solution for shiny and full hair with permanent density. The advantages of this method include a pointed canal opening, natural results, high hair density, preservation of the donor area, suitability for fine hair and a fast healing process.

Comfort-In Anesthesia

Comfort-in anesthesia is a needle-free anesthesia technique that allows hair transplantation aesthetics to be applied comfortably and painlessly. This technique, which is an excellent solution especially for patients with pain sensitivity, offers a comfortable clinical experience by reducing pain during the anesthesia process.

The Comfort-In system, specially developed by our experts, acts on a larger area than conventional local anesthesia. This technique, which is applied using pressurized air without damaging the surrounding tissues, is a certified procedure, ending your hair transplant treatment to a safe and painless experience.

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